Where is the Marina?
Our marina is located on Stock Island, which is about 10 minutes by car to the heart of old historic Key West. Stock Island is immediately East of Key West and considered a part of Key West because the two Keys are separated only by the Cow Key Chanel (a mere 75 yards wide). The East end of Key West is home to most of the larger hotels, the airport and many excellent restaurants. There’s free parking at the marina for our guests. A cab ride from the marina to the center of the historic district is approximately $15-$20 dollars. Because cab’s are quite expensive in Key West we recommend you consider renting a car, golf carts or scooters to get around town as it can be less expensive in the end.
What are the Dockside Amenities?
Key West Harbor Marina & Yacht club is a private gated facility located on the North side of the island. It’s the only marina with unobstructed ocean views over the Atlantic and the only marina to provide full yacht club facilities, including pool, private beach, sauna, laundry facilities, fine dining restaurant and sunset bar .
What other restaurant & activities are nearby?
In addition to the yacht clubs excellent restaurant, there are quite a few other great restaurants on Stock Island, many of them considered true iconic local “best kept secrets”. Hogfish Bar and Grill is on the top of that list, a must stop for many visitors to Key West, The Rusty Anchor, serving some of the freshest seafood around and Roostica, arguably the best pizza in the Keys. Locals flock to Chico’s Cantina for Mexican, the funky little El Mocho for authentic Cuban and the Dolphin Deli is a cool little sandwich shop with free delivery. The East end of Key West offers more restaurant choice, including Tavern N’ Town Steakhouse, La Trattoria ocean side Italian fine dining and Benihana Japanese steakhouse. The Key West Golf Club, the Key West Botanical Gardens and Tennessee Williams Theatre are located on Stock Island.
What can or should we bring aboard?
• White soled deck shoes or athletic shoes please. Shoes with dark soles are not allowed as they mark up the decks. Bring a pair of warm socks just in case for the evenings. • Reef shoes are good for protecting your feet when wading ashore to beaches. They can be purchased at Walmart, Kmart or any water sports store for under $20. • If you’re on a multi day trip, light comfortable clothing is usually all that’s needed during the day; UV protection shirts are very helpful in protecting from sun burn as our Florida sun is very strong. A light sweater and long pants for evenings, rain jacket, wind breaker, plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and several swim suits. We recommend spray or wipes for mosquitoes. We also keep all natural bug spray aboard ship. • All medications you may need, and if prescription meds, the bottles with the user’s name on the label. If you require Prescription eyeglasses we suggest you bring an extra pair just in case. • Seasickness medication is highly recommended, preferably a less-drowsy formula. You can consult a physician about a prescription for Scopolamine patches, which are highly effective in eliminating seasickness. There are also ginger based products of gum or lozenges, which are an effective remedy for mild symptoms. We always have a variety of OTC seasickness remedies aboard, including Sea Bands. • Travel size toiletries are best due to limited space for storing large bottles while under way, and please try to limit the amount of glass you bring aboard. Plastic is best. • Camera, tablets, chargers and extra batteries. • For safety reasons we cannot accommodate any hard luggage or oversize bags aboard ship. If you have hard luggage or large bags we will require you to unpack what you want on board during your stay and we’ll store your bags on shore. Our boats are only used for commercial purposes so closets and drawers in the cabins are all yours, but don’t over pack, we need to shipshape the vessel when under sail and that requires that everything is properly stored so things don’t fly around the cabins. • Large beach towel if you prefer them, although we do have plenty of towels aboard!

Where will we sail?
The Florida Keys are encircled with fringing reef on the Atlantic side and fringing islands on the Gulf side. The Florida Keys boasts the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world. Behind this reef protection for virtually the entire chain runs the relatively shallow Hawk’s Key channel where ocean conditions are always much calmer than the deeper waters outside the reef. This reef line is almost 5 miles offshore leaving huge water for sailing and calm waters to anchor. It’s also home to the only tropical coral reef system in the continental US, making for fantastic snorkeling & diving. On the Gulf side are thousands of pristine islands fringed by white sand beaches. The Florida Key’s continue for another 70 miles after the road ends at Key West, and it’s usually our goal to visit those remote magical island groups.
Will we see dolphins?
Sometimes we see dolphins every day, sometimes not. On multi day sails it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll see dolphins at some point. Sometimes they’ll come and play in the bow wake of the boat, but of course it’s a very large ocean so you just never know. You may also see sea turtles, pelicans, cormorants, sea gulls, Osprey and maybe a Manatee in the marina. Underwater you’ll be dazzled by the array of tropical fish and healthy coral reefs.
Can we bring our own food & beverages aboard?
Of course, but storage space aboard a boat is limited, especially refrigeration and freezer space. You’ll work with the Captain to develop the menus and provisioning list to ensure there’ll be room for everything. We do need to keep glass to a minimum on board, so purchasing things in plastic or cans is preferred. We supply a selection of domestic beer and wine on all Charters. Feel free to bring aboard your preferred brand of beer, wine or  liquor & mixers if you prefer cocktails.
What kind of meals can we expect?
Whether it’s rack of lamb, Chateau Briand or the freshest cut of Fish, meals aboard are always special and definitely above average. Our goal is to provide a signature experience to our clients and to this end we use only the best & freshest ingredients to create a Gourmet dining experience.  There’s a microwave, three burner stove top, oven and BBQ grill on the Hunter 450 & Mahe 38, so pretty much anything can be cooked or grilled. We can work with you beforehand to plan the perfect menu for your trip or let us do it for you.

During sailing courses provisioning, learning to prepare meals aboard ship and keeping the vessel ship shape are part of course duties.

Is there water sports equipment aboard?
We have some snorkeling equipment, but we recommend you bring you own or rent it locally to ensure you have a mask & fins that fit you properly. We can accommodate two kayaks or two paddleboards to be rented if requested. All water sports activities are subject to ocean conditions.
Do I need a fishing license?
Yes, a fishing license is required and can be obtained prior to departure. We have some fishing gear aboard, if you wish to fish just let us know in advance and we’ll ensure it’s included.
Is smoking allowed?
Smoking represents a high risk of burns to the decks, cockpit cushions and sails. Smoking may be allowed on deck if conditions allow, and is at the sole discretion of the captain/instructor. Smoking is not allowed below deck under any circumstances. There is an assumption of risk to cover the cost of repairs for any burn damage.

We don’t allow smoking onboard our 22 ft. vessel utilized for ASA 101 courses.

Can we consume alcoholic beverages?
Of course you can, but in moderation please, and only after you have concluded any water sports activities! While under sail it’s essential that all aboard are stable on their feet, able to move quickly and give assistance if necessary.

The consumption of alcohol during sailing courses is not allowed until the end of the day at anchor.

What isn’t included in the charter or course fees?
We generally anchor at secluded locations, but there are marina’s available on various itineraries. If you’d like to spend the night at a marina dock, the dockage fees are not included. It’s customary to leave a 15-20% gratuity for your crew for services well rendered. 7.5% Florida sales tax is applicable on all prices.

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